Lily Collins’ UNFILTERED



But I know now that there is a greater happiness to be attained in this world: the happiness of enjoying myself to the fullest during the one life I have and accepting myself for who I am while I’m living it.

Unfiltered is a collection of essays where Lily Collins talks about topics young women struggle with: dating, family, relationships, self-confidence and other things.

I remember seeing her announcement over at her Instagram account. I got excited. Books by celebrities don’t usually excite me but I was a bit interested on what her’s would be about.

It was an easy and light read. She shared experiences which made her seem more of a regular person instead of an actor we usually see in the movies. She shared heartbreaks which until now I’m trying to figure out which of them refers to Jamie Campbell Bower. She shared her eating disorder: when it started, why it started what she had to go through (and is still going through) to recover. She shared how she used to hate her eyebrows. YES.ย THE LILY COLLINS USED TO HATE HER EYEBROWS. That’s a bit crazy to think especially since her eyebrows is her signature look.

If there is anything I didn’t like about this is some topics seem to be repetitive when she starts on sharing her experiences. Nonetheless, this book is a great gift for teens and young women because in the end of it, she came out stronger with more love for herself, and more accepting of who she is.

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Pregnancy Update: WEEK 8


By the time you read this, I will be a good 10 weeks ahead.

I have restored to regularly having to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I am terribly constipated it’s uncomfortable. I also bought a small jug of prune juice. It was suggested I dilute it with water to soften the effects of it. Pretty good suggestion given I haven’t tried prunes or prune juice before.

Morning ย sickness has been manageable, thank goodness. Most times I needed to force myself to eat a bit because of how physically taxing my job is, plus I go home to a 3 year old. I need energy regardless of how little I could get.

Current food cravings: Salty and sweet, chocolates, and rice with soy.

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