2016 Word On The Street

Remember my previous post about the Saskatoon Expo? On the same weekend was a book and magazine fair held in downtown Saskatoon: Word On The Street.

I have first heard of Word On The Street last year by accident. I can’t remember how I even came across it. I do however remember making plans to go the following year. I was looking forward to it. I enjoy going to comic expos but books and reading is something I love and knowing where I currently reside celebrates this as well is a big deal for me.

Meeting Yann Martel. Andrew made this happen. He bought me a copy of Life of Pi to get signed.
David Suzuki. I don’t know who he is. Haven’t heard of him. However, his line for autographs was consistently long.
They have a little area dedicated for kids. I believe it was called Literacy Lane. There were children’s activities all over this area for them to complete and when they do, they get a sticker for their passport (show here around Taylor’s neck). Once they’ve collected all the stickers, they get a free book.
I remember Andrew telling me we needed to get a picture of Taylor with this cat so we can get a poster set of alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes and months of the year.

I was a little bummed out there aren’t any other authors I know or recognize. It got me thinking if this event is exclusively for Canadian authors (maybe I’m wrong) because if it is, I’m going to need to consciously start reading works by Canadian authors to better enjoy this.

Any suggestions on where to start?

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2016 Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo

Last week, me and family together with some of our friends attended Saskatoon’s Comic and Entertainment Expo which was held at Prairieland Park. I was particularly excited this year because of the media guests they have lined up. They got Carrie Fisher (yes, the Carrie Fisher), Bob Morley (The 100), James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Tom Felton (Harry Potter Series), and Randy Havens and Shannon Purser (Stranger Things) to name a few.

As usual there were a lot of exhibitors. However, day 1 seemed to lack of people in costumes. I told Andrew we’d go during the first day since the costume contest usually happens on the first day. It did. There just wasn’t a lot of people in costumes compared to the last 2 years we went.

img_1694 img_1704

Taylor as Supergirl for the expo.

img_1720 img_1723

Pokemon cosplay was huge this year. There were a lot of Pikachu and Ash walking around. I even saw a person wearing a Charmander onesie pyjamas.

img_1740 img_1762 img_1695

I found Barb you guys! She made it out of the Upside Down. 🙂
Mr. Clark! Anyone agrees with me he’s pretty much the reason the kids found Will? Right? 🙂
Bob Morley photo op
Andrew and I talked about starting a tradition of purchasing photo ops for celebrities we both like just to see Taylor’s reactions on every single one. Haha!
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Taylor’s Tea Party Lunch

I have a two-year-old daughter who love tea parties. She would always ask me or her dad to sit with her and have tea. She would ask if we would like some milk and sugar, and will then proceed to tell us to mix our teas. Taylor isn’t new to drinking tea. As long as the tea is herbal and/or decaffeinated we let her have a sip of it.


A few weeks ago, we decided to give her a mini tea party during lunch time. We took out grandma’s tea pot, sugar and milk bowl (the milk bowl look more like a tiny pitcher), and cups. We also made sandwiches, cupcakes, and a carrot cake. We’ve also included some left over homemade mini donuts.

L-R: ham and cheese roll ups, ham and cheese sandwiches, and plain ham sandwiches.
L-R: chocolate mini donuts with chocolate icing, butter pecan cupcakes with strawberry shortcake flavoured icing, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

I don’t think I have ever been to a real tea party before but I am very glad I got to experience this with her. She enjoyed having her tea and milk poured. I would say she also liked mixing them together with her spoon. She’s currently at an age where there is simply too much enthusiasm and curiosity in everything and as a result I have had to constantly tell myself “it’s ok, she’s fine, it’s all good”.

Wold we do this again? Of course we would. We still got a lot of tea left. *wink*

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What I learned form my blogging hiatus

I have taken a small break from blogging and it has been a few months. Was the said break needed? I would like to think so as it helped me realize a few things that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t.

  • It got exhausting. This was probably the first thing I realized a week into my hiatus. I wanted the presentation to be perfect which resulted into a lot of overthinking and over-editing (if that is even a term). I spent way more time into taking and editing pictures, formatting, even the site’s theme than focusing more on the content. I also found out that having to blogs to regularly update is not for me.
  • I lost sight of what I wanted to write about. It got to the point where I would read and follow numerous blogs to see which topics are getting talked about a lot. That was how I got into Project Life and why I started my own Bullet Journal. In my defence, I did end up liking those two things. However, looking at different blog post in search of what to write about to guarantee views was not something I thought I would end up doing. Sure I post (and will post) about mainstream things if I end up liking them BUT I also would like to think I am able to offer something different. I ended up writing about things other people would like to read rather than share my ideas and thoughts.
  • I missed it. I would often get random thoughts which are way too long for Twitter or Facebook and blogging has helped with that.
  • I need to be on top of blog posts/ideas. This will be the first time where I will proactively list down blog post ideas that will come to me. I have dedicated a pre-programmed app on my phone for this purpose and I have set up a page on my bullet journal as well. I found that when my ideas are scattered everywhere, I don’t get anything done. I plan to change that.

Here is to hoping I would be much better at keeping this. What better way to kick off my birthday month right?

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