BLOGMAS | VLOG: Santa Claus Parade


What is Blogmas? Blogmas or Vlogmas is when bloggers / vloggers upload a post or video everyday counting down to Christmas. I’m participating in Blogmas this year. However, instead of posting everyday until Christmas I will be posting for 12 days which will be spread out in 24 days counting up to Christmas. 


When my husband and I started dating, we went to the Santa Claus Parade regardless of not having any kids to take with us. Although, when I think about it I might have been pregnant at the time. The Santa Claus Parade, in my opinion, marks the beginning of the Christmas season here in Saskatoon because the parade itself is the “arrival” of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Since then, taking our little girl to the parade has been one of the little traditions we have. It’s letting her know that Santa’s here, and Christmas is coming.

Happy Holidays!

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Pregnancy Update: WEEK 20 VLOG


I was gonna go on about how I had to start eating my daughter’s fruit pouches that has vegetables in them in the hopes of getting more vegetables in my diet (the baby for at this time doesn’t like vegetables at all).

However, the biggest thing that happened in the past 4 weeks is my ultrasound and finally finding out the gender of our second baby!

And because Andrew was not able to come to the ultrasound appointment with us, I decided to surprise him by making cupcakes with either a blue or pink icing in the middle to indicate the gender of the baby.



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