David’s Tea 24 Days Of Tea | Day 4-6

Day 4: Organic Serenity Now

This is a bit similar to TAZO’s Passion tea. Whether it gives me serenity when I need it to is a whole different story, haha!

Day 5: Coffee Cake

I remember the first time I had an actual coffee cake. I was in school browsing the different food stalls when I encountered one which sells coffee cakes. The coffee lover in me immediately thought it was a coffee flavoured cake. It wasn’t. It threw me a bit off guard, but this tea did not disappoint as it both smell and taste yummy.

Day 6: Apple Cider

Tastes exactly like sweet apple cider but without all that sugary sweetness. Also, if you have never had cider, this tastes like an apple flavoured lollipop. 🙂

Six days in and I’m still enjoying every tea I get. 

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David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea | Day 3: Genmaicha

Day 3: Genmaicha

Genmaicha reminded me of the kind of green tea I would get served at at one of the Asian restaurants my family and I would always go to. I forgot what the restaurant was called but I do remember how their tea tasted like.

Green tea has always been my favourite and being able to find variations of it which tastes good makes me happy. I do get sick of Lipton’s green tea once in a while despite it being a staple in our cupboards. The roasted and popped rice adds a very distinct yet pleasant flavour I like as well.

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David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea | Day 2: Jumpy Monkey

I love the idea of a tea advent calendar. I purchased mine early and got it for about $40. If I had waited, I would gotten a spoon and a pack of filters with it for $45. However, I don’t know how fast these go so I decided to pick one up when I had the chance.

Day 2: Jumpy Monkey

I was new to yesterday’s tea offering but not Jumpy Monkey. I tried it a few months ago because I was looking for a coffee-like tea. Unfortunately it has a certain aftertaste I didn’t like. I even ended up giving away the small bag I purchased to a co-worker who likes it more than I do.

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