Ballerina: Talent Needs Passion

I took my daughter to see Ballerina last Tuesday. When you have a toddler who is pretty unpredictable on certain things, movies in particular, Toonie Tuesdays is the way to go. $2 doesn’t sound pretty bad if your kids decide they don’t like the movie and wants to leave. Atleast that is what I think.

Ballerina was cute. It wasn’t bad… It was just… CUTE.

Ballerina is about Felicie, who stole another dancer’s identity, in order to attend a ballet school in Paris. What I got out of watching this movie is sometimes talent is not enough. One needs the passion to keep going forward. To make things happen. Granted what Felicie did was wrong but she kept dancing. It was entertaining to watch. However there are a few things I had a problem on.

First, why did they even try to put a little love story there between Victor and Felicie? Can’t a boy and girl be friends? Best friends even and just stay at that? Why is it when there’s a story line where two best friends are of the opposite gender an almost-relationship always pop up?

Second, Odette. Freaking Odette. “But there was a fire…” Why did they not elaborate on this? What happened on that fire? Did she trip and broke a body part? Did something fell on her legs? Did she accidentally start the fire? Odette was the person behind Felicie in all this, taking care of her and giving her proper training. Yet her life was not given any screen time in this movie.

Overall, it was fun and easy to watch. Regardless of the things I didn’t like, I will probably end up watching this again.

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You Don’t Need To Be Special

The other day while at work, I had a customer order seven drinks for seven people she was looking after. She was pleasant, and nice and had a smile on her face the entire time regardless of the fact that one of them was giving her a bit of a hard time while ordering. When she was done, she politely asked if she can leave some of the drinks on our counter and will immediately come back to get the rest. I told her sure.

The next customer I had looked at me and asked me if she’s looking after all seven. I wasn’t as sure. I couldn’t see everyone. He then turned to me, placed his order and said “it must take someone very special to do that”.

Does it? Does a person have to be special in order to look after those who have special needs? I thought all it takes is enough compassion, kindness, patience, understanding.

What do you think?

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I’m Still Crazy About Beauty and The Beast

I remember when teasers for the live action Beauty and the Beast came out last year. It was immediately met with excitement and a lot of hype especially when it was announced Emma Watson will be playing Belle.

My husband and I took our three-year-old to see this about a week ago and she was incredibly attentive to it. Who wouldn’t be? From what I can tell, Disney just set a standard to their live action remakes. If you’re one of those people who would rather wait for the digital/physical copy to come out but is wondering on how true to the story it was: it was exactly like the animated movie despite little modifications to the story line.

The main thing I loved about this remake is not the special effects (although let’s be honest, Be Our Guest was amazing!), nor the nostalgia that came with it (I started crying on their ballroom scene. They met in their fancy clothing and I lost it there in the cinema.) What I loved most which at the same time also broke my heart, was when the spell finally took effect on the castle. Sitting there in the movies, I was hoping they will show what would happen if the spell wasn’t broken in time and they delivered.

In my opinion, I think it lived up to all the hype and expectation that surrounded it before it’s release. I will honestly say I didn’t notice much difference between the original and the remake aside from certain changes to tie up loose ends.

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