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The Most Important Tip When Starting A Bullet Journal

First, what is a bullet journal / bullet journaling? I will reference to a video Ryder Carroll posted a few years ago as it would better explain what this whole system is. In addition to everything you just watched, it could also double as a […]

Ballerina: Talent Needs Passion

I took my daughter to see Ballerina last Tuesday. When you have a toddler who is pretty unpredictable on certain things, movies in particular, Toonie Tuesdays is the way to go. $2 doesn’t sound pretty bad if your kids decide they don’t like the movie […]

LittlePaperShopCA is now OPEN!

I am extremely excited to announce that LittlePaperShopCA is now OPEN! It currently offers custom made cupcake toppers which are all made to order. However, I am working on non-party related products which will come out soon. Follow LittlePaperShopCA at Facebook and Instagram to get shop updates right at […]

You Don’t Need To Be Special

The other day while at work, I had a customer order seven drinks for seven people she was looking after. She was pleasant, and nice and had a smile on her face the entire time regardless of the fact that one of them was giving […]