Pregnancy Update: WEEK 12


By the time you read this, I will be a good 10 weeks ahead.

I was told I have been incredibly irritated the past few weeks. The littlest of things upset me and this has caused a bit of an alarm. I noticed this too—I usually have more patience with Taylor, but the past few days was just crazy.

Eating healthy has been a struggle as well. The good thing though is my craving for sweets gets satisfied with certain fruits I like.

Current roof cravings: cheese sandwich with pickles; pineapples; cantaloupes; mangoes; fuji apples; greek salad (only lettuce, feta cheese, olives, and dressing); rice; spam.

Current food aversions: caesar salad and vegetables. Haha!

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Pregnancy Update: WEEK 8


By the time you read this, I will be a good 10 weeks ahead.

I have restored to regularly having to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I am terribly constipated it’s uncomfortable. I also bought a small jug of prune juice. It was suggested I dilute it with water to soften the effects of it. Pretty good suggestion given I haven’t tried prunes or prune juice before.

Morning  sickness has been manageable, thank goodness. Most times I needed to force myself to eat a bit because of how physically taxing my job is, plus I go home to a 3 year old. I need energy regardless of how little I could get.

Current food cravings: Salty and sweet, chocolates, and rice with soy.

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Taylor’s Tea Party Lunch

I have a two-year-old daughter who love tea parties. She would always ask me or her dad to sit with her and have tea. She would ask if we would like some milk and sugar, and will then proceed to tell us to mix our teas. Taylor isn’t new to drinking tea. As long as the tea is herbal and/or decaffeinated we let her have a sip of it.


A few weeks ago, we decided to give her a mini tea party during lunch time. We took out grandma’s tea pot, sugar and milk bowl (the milk bowl look more like a tiny pitcher), and cups. We also made sandwiches, cupcakes, and a carrot cake. We’ve also included some left over homemade mini donuts.

L-R: ham and cheese roll ups, ham and cheese sandwiches, and plain ham sandwiches.
L-R: chocolate mini donuts with chocolate icing, butter pecan cupcakes with strawberry shortcake flavoured icing, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

I don’t think I have ever been to a real tea party before but I am very glad I got to experience this with her. She enjoyed having her tea and milk poured. I would say she also liked mixing them together with her spoon. She’s currently at an age where there is simply too much enthusiasm and curiosity in everything and as a result I have had to constantly tell myself “it’s ok, she’s fine, it’s all good”.

Wold we do this again? Of course we would. We still got a lot of tea left. *wink*

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