How We Incorporate Reading To Our Everyday Routine


I love to read. Finding time to read is something else entirely, but it all comes down to I simply love to read. This love for reading is something I would love to be able to pass on to my children.

At the moment, I feel I’m doing a decent job because my daughter would always want “one more story” right after I’ve read her our allotted number of books before bed time. She would also ask for a story every night before bed. Sometimes it’s a bit of work especially when I’m exhausted but I make sure she gets her stories in 99% of the time.

Now that she’s in pre-school and I’m working 5 days a week, I try to make sure to find time for the two of us to sit down and read. Here are a few ways of how we incorporate reading in to our everyday routine:

  • A book basket. I bought my eldest a book basket a few months ago to make it easier for her to get to her books. Mind you not all of her books fit in to that basket. I bought it so we can rotate her books a few times a month. It’s not a crazy rotation number because we only read a certain number of books per night, but this allows her to get to her books anytime she wants without having to ask for someone’s help.
  • Scheduling reading time before bed. We’ve included reading as part of her bedtime routine. So she knows that after she finishes in the bathroom and gets her pyjamas changed, it’s story time.
  • Reading during quiet time. Sometimes in the afternoon, I turn the tv off when I feel like my daughter has had enough of Treehouse. It’s more of when I’ve had enough of Treehouse, haha! This is when I let her do what she like. She can play with her toys, she can play with her Play-Doh, she can paint, or she can read her books. I don’t force her to read her books during this time if she doesn’t want to because I know by the end of the day we’ll have some reading done.
  • Audiobooks. Audiobooks have been a lifesaver on nights when I’m too exhausted to read aloud. It has also helped me on nights when my daughter wants one more story after reading 5 books.
  • Using screen time to read books. My daughter has an iPad which we got when we opened a bank account for her a few years ago. Most of the apps in that iPad are geared to learning the alphabets, words, numbers, colours and shapes. I have also installed Overdrive and Epic! so we can use her iPad to check out books and read those we have borrowed from the library.
  • Letting her peruse books after bath time. We always have this time after bath time where all we do is sit there and brush the tangles out of her hair. To maximize our reading time, we either listen to audiobooks or have her flip through her books while I brush out her hair.

Those are what we do everyday to incorporate reading in our lives. It is a bit of work especially since she wants to do a lot of other things. I’m hoping what we do now will help nurture her love of reading.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to reading with your kids? Please do tell me in the comments. I am always open to recommendations and/or suggestions.

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Getting Reacquainted With Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis


The whole adventure begins when Digory and Polly find themselves in eccentric Uncle Andrew’s secret study. But when Uncle Andrew tricks Polly into touching the magic ring, she vanishes into the Other World. Digory is aghast, and determines immediately to go in search of her, Not only does he find Polly but together they listened to Aslan’s song as he creates the enchanted world of Narnia, full of sun, trees, flowers, grass and animals.

My first finished book for 2018.

I’m not new to the land of Narnia but all I know of it was from watching The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It was quite interesting learning about how Narnia came to be, and the origin of the wardrobe itself.

My husband bought me the entire series for Christmas so I have a lot of C. S. Lewis ahead of me.

The Magician’s Nephew pretty much revolved around Digory who, in this story, is the magician’s nephew. This is also the first time we ever see of the evil witch, and Aslan.

It was through Digory’s uncle (and his persistence) that he and his friend Polly was able to witness, albeit accidentally, the birth of Narnia. This is one of my favorite parts of the book because of how Lewis illustrated Narnia’s beginning through words. Something came from nothing and that is mesmerizing to me.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is the test of character Digory had to go through. Given a task and knowing certain aspects of it could help his mother get better, he went ahead and only did what he was supposed to do. He almost deviated and I was rooting for him to stay focused.

It was a great way to get reacquainted again with Narnia after a few years. A few adaptations have been released from this series and I’m looking forward to watching those again after reading the series to see the differences between them.


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2017 Reading Wrap-Up

2017 Reading Wrap-Up

Reading wrap-ups are something I have never done before. It’s where one lists all the books they’ve read for a period of time. Most of the time I watch reading wrap-ups in YouTube and I marvel at the number of books these booktubers read in a month. I struggle to finish one book in one month’s time so seeing other people finish so many is incredible to me.

Today, I bring you my 2017 reading wrap-up. Here are all the books I have read the past year. It’s not much, but I’m proud I was able to get this much reading between work, chores, and a three-year-old.

  • Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit – (re-read) I have read Tuck Everlasting a few times since I got it. I was first introduced to this through it’s adaptation which I enjoyed as well. I love how this discusses immortality and the importance of simply living your life. We all have those times where we want to live forever and this book pulls us back down to show us if it’s worth it.
  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon – This has been on my radar when it came out. I have read this twice already and I feel it’s going to be on my regular rotations of re-reads. It was an easy read for me and I very much enjoyed it.
  • The Chrysalids by John Wyndham – My husband recommended this to me while we were browsing a used bookstore once. As I have mentioned before, he’s more of a manga person so whenever he recommends picture-less books I usually give it a try. The story was infuriating. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but I also wanted to throw it across the room to hurt certain characters who pissed me off.
  • Unfiltered by Lily CollinsI very much enjoyed reading Lily Collins’ book. She’s one of the actresses I admire and having a knowledge of what she went through (and still going through)  is refreshing. It gives perspective on the fact that actors/actresses are normal people too.
  • Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen – I read this in one seating one morning while getting ready for work. I found myself laughing at the humour and honesty of her comic strips.
  • Turtles All The Way Down by John Green – This is one of the most anticipated books this past year and in my opinion, it didn’t disappoint.
  • Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo – This is about a girl and a squirrel who ended up having an unlikely friendship which her mother did not understand. I loved how quick of a read it is, and it provided me with the much needed break from the regular types / genres of books I read.
  • The Hideous Hidden by Sylvia Legris
  • Help Me Follow My Sister Into the Land of the Dead by Carmen Maria Machado – This is a commissioned short story from my Page Habit October box. It’s about a woman named Ursula who started up a Go Fund Me page to find her sister Olive.
  • The Murders Of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson – I read this around Halloween. I read how this is scary and terrifying, but it’s more mind-boggling. It didn’t scare me as much as I would think, and I get scared easily. I can’t even watch horror movies in the dark.
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – I told myself this year I wouldn’t let the holiday season pass without reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It has been one of the best book related decision I made this year. I don’t know if I will turn it into a personal tradition of reading this every year but it’s something I’ll definitely think about.

Those are the books I’ve read this year. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. I’m just glad I was able to carve out the time to read this year. I’m hoping next year won’t be as hard. 🙂

What are your favourite reads this year?


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BLOGMAS | UNBOXING: Pagehabit November Box


What is Blogmas? Blogmas or Vlogmas is when bloggers / vloggers upload a post or video everyday counting down to Christmas. I’m participating in Blogmas this year. However, instead of posting everyday until Christmas I will be posting for 12 days which will be spread out in 24 days counting up to Christmas. 


Today we’re going to take a break from all these festive holiday posts to bring you my PageHabit November Box Unboxing.

What is PageHabit? PageHabit is a book subscription box which offers two plans:

  • Monthly – where one annotated book is delivered to you every month including a bookmark and other booking goods. You can choose from different genres such as Literary Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Horror, Historical Fiction and Science Fiction.
  • Quarterly – where one annotated book is delivered to you every quarter with a whole lot of other curated goods. The genres you can choose from for this box are Literary Fiction, Young Adult and Cookbook.

Also, with each subscription and post / share / unboxing photos over social media tagged with #mypagehabit, PageHabit makes a donation to the current month’s chosen organization to help get books across the globe. You can learn more about it here.


My box came in a few days ago, and boy was I a bit frustrated. It took forever to get here. The DHL tracking doesn’t help either because it wasn’t being updated in real-time so I was not sure at all when I’m getting my package. I’m glad it finally did.


My box this month pretty much have almost the same contents as my previous box minus the extra book.

Left to right: A bookmark with a quote from Diane Duane; another bookmark which also works as a magnifier; a lightbox keychain (letters sticker included); and a tote.

Here are this month’s books / reading materials:

This month’s short story in partnership with Great Jones Street is The Truth About Owls by Amal El-Mohtar which is about a girl who has a fascination with owls.
This month’s book pick is Haven by Mary Lindsey. The two-paragraph blurb in the dust jacket seem intriguing. I haven’t even read last month’s book pick yet, LOL.

I don’t know if I will continue to subscribe to PageHabit after  two boxes. I have time to think about it, so I will let you know what I have decided.

Have you tried book subscription as well? What do you think about them? And more importantly, what do you think about their curated book / books per month? 🙂

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BLOGMAS | Christmas Picture Books We Are Currently Loving


What is Blogmas? Blogmas or Vlogmas is when bloggers / vloggers upload a post or video everyday counting down to Christmas. I’m participating in Blogmas this year. However, instead of posting everyday until Christmas I will be posting for 12 days which will be spread out in 24 days counting up to Christmas. 


On this fourth year we are celebrating Christmas with my daughter, I decided to pull out all of her Christmas / holiday picture books down for us to read during this festive season.

Here are what we currently have so far:

  • Read and Sing Along: The 12 Days of Christmas; Jolly Old St. Nicholas; Up On The Housetop; Down Through The Chimney – we got this as a set when Taylor was younger. We love this because all four books come with an audio CD packed with Christmas music to listen to.
  • Little Reindeer Saves Christmas by Melanie Joyce, Illustrated by Louise Angelicas – this a story of the lone reindeer healthy enough to help Santa deliver the presents on Christmas eve.
  • Christmas Magic by Melanie Joyce, Illustrated by Annabel Spencely – this one is about a little girl getting ready for Christmas morning: decorating the tree, making Christmas cards, hanging her stocking up.
  • Olaf’s Night Before Christmas by Jessica Julius, Illustrated by Olga T. Mosqueda – this has a bit of a semblance to The Night Before Christmas but catered towards Frozen fans. It includes a CD which features a narration by Olaf himself.
  • Frozen Christmas Magic by Lori C. Froeb, Illustrated by Disney Storybook Artists – another one for your little Frozen fan. This is more of a board book which includes 5 ornaments your little one can hang on the tree. I threaded Taylor’s this year because she took them out and told me she wanted to put them on the tiny tree. Yes, I have a tiny tree while waiting for the big tree.
  • The Snow Queen from the Story by Hans Christian Andersen, Illustrated by Charlotte Cooke – I have not read The Snow Queen but I saw this at our local dollar store and couldn’t resist. From what I can tell, it’s a pretty good adaptation of the original and hopefully Taylor and I would get to read Andersen’s version later on.
  • The Nutcracker from the story of E. T. A. Hoffman, Illustrated by Valeria Docampo – another dollar store find. This is by far Taylor’s favourite out of the bunch. She reaches for this almost every night. Like The Snow Queen mentioned above, I don’t know how this compares to the original but I’m hoping I get to find out.

It seems a lot, but not really. I will be adding more books to this list as my kids grow up. What about you? Do you have any special Christmas / holiday books you are reading this season?

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