3 Reasons I Stopped Using My Moleskine Passions Book Journal


Remember that time when Moleskine got really popular and their planners were also such a big hit? I bought one only to realize I am not busy enough yet to use it to its full potential. Then they came out with their Passion Journals which I thought was a great idea.

What is a Passion Journal?
It’s a journal for a specific purpose. Its pages are formatted so all you would have to do is fill it up which all corresponds to what the journal is specifically about. At the moment, they offer ten different journals. The one I bought a few years ago was their Book Passion Journal.

What is a Books Passion Journal?
What it is a journal for book lovers, and those who love to read. Pages are separated alphabetically with about 6 pages per alphabet. The pages are formatted so you can fill out the title and author of what you’re reading, when you read it, quotes, your opinions, publisher, awards and extra notes you would like to take note off. There are also blank pages in the back for whatever you would like to use it for.

Why did I buy it?
I enjoy reading. Before I’ve ever heard of this journal I was using a simple notebook to jot down notes, any thoughts I have of the book, and of the quotes I enjoy from it. I wanted to properly document the books I read and I thought a journal specifically designed to do this would be the answer.

However, it wasn’t.

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