What I learned form my blogging hiatus

I have taken a small break from blogging and it has been a few months. Was the said break needed? I would like to think so as it helped me realize a few things that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t.

  • It got exhausting. This was probably the first thing I realized a week into my hiatus. I wanted the presentation to be perfect which resulted into a lot of overthinking and over-editing (if that is even a term). I spent way more time into taking and editing pictures, formatting, even the site’s theme than focusing more on the content. I also found out that having to blogs to regularly update is not for me.
  • I lost sight of what I wanted to write about. It got to the point where I would read and follow numerous blogs to see which topics are getting talked about a lot. That was how I got into Project Life and why I started my own Bullet Journal. In my defence, I did end up liking those two things. However, looking at different blog post in search of what to write about to guarantee views was not something I thought I would end up doing. Sure I post (and will post) about mainstream things if I end up liking them BUT I also would like to think I am able to offer something different. I ended up writing about things other people would like to read rather than share my ideas and thoughts.
  • I missed it. I would often get random thoughts which are way too long for Twitter or Facebook and blogging has helped with that.
  • I need to be on top of blog posts/ideas. This will be the first time where I will proactively list down blog post ideas that will come to me. I have dedicated a pre-programmed app on my phone for this purpose and I have set up a page on my bullet journal as well. I found that when my ideas are scattered everywhere, I don’t get anything done. I plan to change that.

Here is to hoping I would be much better at keeping this. What better way to kick off my birthday month right?

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