David’s Tea 24 Days Of Tea | Day 4-6

Day 4: Organic Serenity Now

This is a bit similar to TAZO’s Passion tea. Whether it gives me serenity when I need it to is a whole different story, haha!

Day 5: Coffee Cake

I remember the first time I had an actual coffee cake. I was in school browsing the different food stalls when I encountered one which sells coffee cakes. The coffee lover in me immediately thought it was a coffee flavoured cake. It wasn’t. It threw me a bit off guard, but this tea did not disappoint as it both smell and taste yummy.

Day 6: Apple Cider

Tastes exactly like sweet apple cider but without all that sugary sweetness. Also, if you have never had cider, this tastes like an apple flavoured lollipop. 🙂

Six days in and I’m still enjoying every tea I get. 

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