You Don’t Need To Be Special

The other day while at work, I had a customer order seven drinks for seven people she was looking after. She was pleasant, and nice and had a smile on her face the entire time regardless of the fact that one of them was giving her a bit of a hard time while ordering. When she was done, she politely asked if she can leave some of the drinks on our counter and will immediately come back to get the rest. I told her sure.

The next customer I had looked at me and asked me if she’s looking after all seven. I wasn’t as sure. I couldn’t see everyone. He then turned to me, placed his order and said “it must take someone very special to do that”.

Does it? Does a person have to be special in order to look after those who have special needs? I thought all it takes is enough compassion, kindness, patience, understanding.

What do you think?

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