Ballerina: Talent Needs Passion

I took my daughter to see Ballerina last Tuesday. When you have a toddler who is pretty unpredictable on certain things, movies in particular, Toonie Tuesdays is the way to go. $2 doesn’t sound pretty bad if your kids decide they don’t like the movie and wants to leave. Atleast that is what I think.

Ballerina was cute. It wasn’t bad… It was just… CUTE.

Ballerina is about Felicie, who stole another dancer’s identity, in order to attend a ballet school in Paris. What I got out of watching this movie is sometimes talent is not enough. One needs the passion to keep going forward. To make things happen. Granted what Felicie did was wrong but she kept dancing. It was entertaining to watch. However there are a few things I had a problem on.

First, why did they even try to put a little love story there between Victor and Felicie? Can’t a boy and girl be friends? Best friends even and just stay at that? Why is it when there’s a story line where two best friends are of the opposite gender an almost-relationship always pop up?

Second, Odette. Freaking Odette. “But there was a fire…” Why did they not elaborate on this? What happened on that fire? Did she trip and broke a body part? Did something fell on her legs? Did she accidentally start the fire? Odette was the person behind Felicie in all this, taking care of her and giving her proper training. Yet her life was not given any screen time in this movie.

Overall, it was fun and easy to watch. Regardless of the things I didn’t like, I will probably end up watching this again.

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