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Oh makeup hauls, how I missed you. I have not been very proactive in documenting my makeup hauls for the past few months because I have not been wearing makeup as much. For a while now, most of my purchases were repurchases of my holy grail products and I have no issues with that. I just wish my job would allow me to wear make up again. If you don’t know already, I work in a restaurant where most of my shifts are kitchen shifts. As much as I can actually wear makeup still, I simply find it useless knowing it will melt off of my face because of 2 things: 1) the oil from my skin; 2) the heat from all of our cooking equipment. Setting sprays can’t even do anything to prevent it. So whenever I get a front counter shift, I put a full face of make up on. You just got to do what you got to do sometimes.

Anway, about a few weeks ago, Colourpop did a free shipping on international orders above $30 (or maybe $35). This came at the perfect time because I can finally try new releases I have been eyeing for a while.


The first ones I immediately added to my list are their pressed powder eyeshadows. I thought about getting a pre-made palette, but  went with individual pans instead when I realized every palette I looked at only have one or two shades I would use regularly.

From top to bottom: Take It Slow, Side Tracked, Stay Golden, and Ego.

The formula on these are great, and each shade I ordered felt very smooth when I swatched them. The pigmentation and staying power on these powder eyeshadows are amazing. I have only worn them twice but they stayed put on my full work shift. Also if you’re wondering, the eyeshadow pans fit in a mac palette. I have one just laying around unused so I decided to put these in it.


These Blotted Lips caught my attention around Coachella season when Colourpop pretty much have them all over their instagram stories. It’s a lipstick which pigmentation resembles that of a blotted lipstick (I hope that made sense, LOL). Of all the shades they offered, Lexi and Lolly were the ones I liked the most. I have not work them enough to form any proper conclusion about them, but I once I have I will definitely let you know what I think of them.


Left to right: Getting Handsy (blush), Padded Down (highlight).

Lastly, I purchased Colourpop’s Pressed Powder Face Duo in Double Play. This product provides you with a blush and highlight in one palette. I find Getting Handsy to be the perfect nude matte blush for me. I applied this like how I would apply bronzer to “add colour back to my face” after applying foundation and it did exactly that. I was impressed at how close to my natural skin tone this shade is.

Top to bottom: Face Duo: Padded Down, Getting Handsy. Blotted Lips: Lolly, Lexi.

Padded Down on the other hand I wasn’t too impressed with. As you can see from the image above, it barely showed up on my skin tone (finger swatched on arm), and I’m not that fair skinned. In addition to that using a brush didn’t help its case. It applied chunky and patchy which was disappointing. I might need to scratch off the top most layer to see if make a difference and I will get back to you on that. 🙂

Have you recently shopped from Colourpop? If so, what did you get? And do you have any recommendations for me to try? 🙂


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