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sunday currently 1

Here is an attempt at something. I’ve come across The Sunday Currently over on Carina’s site and I thought I could give it a try. Trying doesn’t hurt… Sometimes… Right?

I’m currently reading John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids. My husband recommended it to me saying it’s a good read. It’s one of those stories which pisses you off yet you can’t put it down at the same time. You have no idea how many times I wanted to throw this book across the room to a wall to help make me feel better.

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

My daughter and I have been playing Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do since it came out.

Today, it’s the lingering smell of Lucky Me Pancit Canton seasoning in the air. I had it for breakfast. I miss Filipino food most days.

More energy. I have been feeling extremely exhausted the past few weeks.

I get everything I needed to do done in such short time. Both at home, and work.

The most comfortable outfit I own: an oversized red sweater, and my husband’s old college sweatpants. Sundays = comfort over style. Unless we need to go out, or if I have to work.

Loving how close we are to fall season.

I need more time to myself. Yes that does sound a bit selfish. However, I believe giving myself enough attention will help me be a better mom, and a better employee. I need to learn how to balance everything in my life.

I’m feeling nervous and excited. My baby girl will start pre-school in 2 weeks. Part of me is happy that she get to start a different chapter in her life, while another part of me is a bit sad at the fact my baby is growing up so fast.


The Sunday Currently originally by Sidda Thornton.

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