REVIEW | Sephora’s Silicone Brush Cleansing Pad


I remember when Sigma came out with their silicone brush cleaner pads a few years ago. I wanted one. I thought about: a) how much easier it’ll be to clean my brushes; b) the time it will take me to clean my brushes; c) and how much cleaner my brushes will be compared to using the palm of my hands.

Fast forward to a few years…

I bought Sephora’s Polish Up on a whim. It’s their silicone brush cleansing pad which retails for $18.00 CAD. I wanted something to help clean my brushes easier and faster so I didn’t even think twice about it.



The bag comes with a small towel to dry brushes on, and a pad with a “textured surface”. The product also claims to be “ergonomically-designed to fit comfortably over your hand”.

Did it work? Yes! I was able to clean my brushes easier. The textured surface made it easier to get all the build-up off of the brushes much faster compared to just using the palm of my hand. I was also able to use less cleanser which is an added bonus.


The hoop on the back of the pad helps to keep it in place while you wash your brushes.

The only thing I didn’t particularly enjoy is the size of the towel it came with. It’s size is too small and it’s too thin to be drying your brushes on. Also, it will not keep your hand from getting wet but it does what it’s supposed to do.

I have only used it once since writing this post but I love it. I have kept it in our bathroom drawer for easy access whenever I need to clean my brushes.

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