BLOGMAS | 3 Tips To Survive Boxing Day


What is Blogmas? Blogmas or Vlogmas is when bloggers / vloggers upload a post or video everyday counting down to Christmas. I’m participating in Blogmas this year. However, instead of posting everyday until Christmas I will be posting for 12 days which will be spread out in 24 days counting up to Christmas. 



Have you ever tried shopping on Boxing Day? Have you ever walked out of the store exhausted with 10 extra things in your cart that you didn’t necessarily need but bought anyways because they were on sale? Yeah, Boxing Day does that and sometimes the outcome is not pretty. Today, I have 3 tips for you to hopefully help you survive Boxing Day.

  • Know what you need or want. Boxing Day is one of those days where you’ll definitely need a list of what you need or want to get. Frantically walking around the store trying to figure out what you need to purchase can lead to overspending and forgetting things. Plus, on busy days like this one, some people prefer to be in and out of a store and having a list will help with that.
  • Take advantage of boxing week. Stores these days extend their Boxing Day deals to a week. Store flyers will have their opening hours and product information on wether or not certain items will be of limited quantities. This means you don’t have to stand in line waiting for your favourite store to open unless you absolutely have to.
  • Shop online. Some online shops will also have boxing day / week  deals. Great thing about shopping online is you don’t have to deal with the crowd of people, long check-out lines, and you can all do it in the comfort of your Christmas pyjamas.

There you have it. Hopefully this helps you out this coming boxing day / week. Do you go out shopping on Dec. 26 itself? What do you do to make the trip less stressful?

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