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What is Blogmas? Blogmas or Vlogmas is when bloggers / vloggers upload a post or video everyday counting down to Christmas. I’m participating in Blogmas this year. However, instead of posting everyday until Christmas I will be posting for 12 days which will be spread out in 24 days counting up to Christmas. 



One of my favourite things about the holidays is knowing that for a few days before Christmas, the house is going to smell amazing. My mother-in-law and I would bake lots of treats not only to serve on Christmas Eve and/or Day, but also to give out as presents for our friends and family. It always gets a bit hectic especially when you have a long list to bake and with only two people to make them. Top that with trying to finish, cool, and store them before they get eaten. We started a little late this year so were taking advantage of every spare time we can. It also doesn’t help that  were pretty much running out of freezer space.

What I noticed this year is there are certain treats we make every year. It’s not even a question of if we’re making them, it’s more of when. My mother-in-law have her recipes written out on index cards, while I don’t have anything. Some of the holiday treats I make is online so I just look it up whenever I needed to make them. This, I found out, is a terrible idea. I had to skim through at least 6 Food For The Gods recipes before I found the right one. So I decided this year, I will make myself a baking notebook containing treats we usually always make during the holidays to spare us the time of going through all the cookbooks, magazines, and online recipes. I have a spare traveller’s notebook insert so why not, right?

So far, I only have four recipes in it: my mother-in-law’s Sugar Cookies and Shortbread Refrigerator Cookies; and a Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie and Food For The Gods which I found online. I can already tell it will be a growing list.

As I’m writing this we still have about 4 or 5 treats to make. If you’re also doing some holiday baking this time of the year, good luck and have fun. 🙂

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