I had another routine ultrasound last week. This one was a bit uncomfortable because they needed me to have a full bladder. My family kept on telling me to not pee because I needed a full bladder and honestly, at how far along I was, filling up my bladder is not that hard.

It’s amazing how a few months worth of growing makes. Once again, we saw her body parts which we’ve seen the last time I went for an ultrasound: her limbs, a profile of her face, her stomach, her heart / heartbeat. But what I was incredibly happy about is seeing her face. True, ultrasound faces are not very clear but it’s the fact that we were able to see the front view of her face: eyelids, nose and mouth.

Also, this pregnancy is so much different from my first. My self-esteem is definitely taking a beating: my legs are swollen, I gained more weight, and I got way more stretch marks regardless of how much moisturizer I apply on my belly. Honestly though, I wouldn’t trade all of this for the world if at the end of all this, we get a healthy and happy baby.

We’ve also started pulling out Taylor’s old clothes to get washed and sorted. I can’t believe how much clothes a tiny person can accumulate in almost 4 years! We’ve also pulled out Taylor’s ducky suit (pictured above) to bring home baby no. 2 in. It’s the same suit Taylor wore when we took her home from the hospital. Nostalgia’s hitting hard these past few days as we start to get everything ready.

Taylor is almost 4, and will be a big sister soon.

This is all so exciting!


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