Library Reads: October 2018

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We’ve been regularly going to the library this year ever since we learned about their Sleepy Time Stories event/program. It’s where your little kiddos are read about 3 books, with music and a bit of play in between each stories, just before bedtime. My oldest looks forward to this every week because she gets to see some of her friends.

I have also started making it a habit to ask my daughter if there are any books she wants to borrow to read at home. There would be times when she’d say no, but most of the time she doesn’t leave the library empty handed.

Since we’ve been borrowing books quite regularly at the moment, I thought of sharing them with you and show you what my girls have been reading from the library.

  • One Big Pair of Underwear by (Laura Gehl, Tom Lichtenheld) – One Big Pair or Underwear is mostly about learning how to share. It goes through all the basic numbers so there is a little bit of counting there as well. It’s funny and silly, and the illustrations makes it easy for your little ones to understand what sharing is.
  • Mighty Dads (Joan Holub, James Dean) – Mighty Dads is a picture book which features construction vehicles, and showcases how fathers teach their kids to follow on their tracks.
  • Beat Bugs: In My Life (Cari Meister) – I’ve first seen Beat Bugs on Netflix and it didn’t even click on me when we read this one night.  In In My Life, inspired by the song “In My Life”, the bugs are celebrating Kater’s birthday which was cut short because she wasn’t feeling well. This book shows the importance of accepting who or what you’re meant to be, and friendship.
  • The Prince Has A Boo-Boo (R.W. Alley) – “The prince has a boo-boo and he needs a bandaid.” This message was pretty much passed all throughout the kingdom until the prince finally had a bandaid for his boo-boo.
  • My Bus (Byron Barton) – My Bus helps kids with their counting including addition and subtraction as it shows how many animals hops in and off of the bus.
  • Can I Be Your Dog? (Troy Cummings) – This one was my daughter’s favourite out of everything we checked out. Can I Be Your Dog? is about Arfy’s search for a family to be with. Don’t worry, this one has a happy ending.
  • First Ballet (Deanna Caswell) – This is a picture written with rhyming verses illustrating the excitement and joy a child could experience at their first ballet viewing.

I try not to interfere too much whenever my 4-year old picks out a book to borrow because I want it to be a good experience for her. I want her to find out for herself that sometimes, you simply don’t like or enjoy a particular story or book and that is ok. Books are written for everyone to enjoy, but not everyone will like every book ever written.

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