February 16, 2018

Finally! I can actually feel contractions! I have been having light cramping for the past couple of days but it would end up either as me passing gas, or a contraction.

At my doctor’s appointment today I was told I am currently 2 cm dilated. I was elated! At least now I know something is actually happening down there. The doctor offered to do a sweep to get labor going more, but also informed me that it’ll hurt. I didn’t go ahead with it because I don’t think looking after a three-year-old and low pain tolerance will mix well especially since I don’t know if the pain will be during or after the sweep.

I sure am glad I already have my hospital bag ready though.

You can come out anytime baby girl. :p

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My husband asked me today if I simply wanted for this pregnancy to be over with.

NO. Especially since I know there’s a slim chance I’ll get pregnant again in the future. My husband is ok with 2 kids, while I on the other hand would love one more. So we’ll see how everything plays out.

I’m due on Valentine’s Day, and all I can do right now is hope that this baby do come out on the 14th. But that’s hoping. In reality, she can come out before or after that. All I’m concerned about is not getting induced. I have a very low pain tolerance and I’ve heard getting induced is more painful than normal labour.

So far I’m doing ok. I have zero energy but I’m glad I’m still able to do a bit of housework and play with my daughter. I’ve been trying to stay active since I was told it also helps a lot with labor. It’s not as easy now that I’m on maternity leave compared to when I’m still working.

Anyway, I can’t seem to shake myself out of my regular work schedule where I head to bed at 9 PM, so goodnight. 🙂

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I had another routine ultrasound last week. This one was a bit uncomfortable because they needed me to have a full bladder. My family kept on telling me to not pee because I needed a full bladder and honestly, at how far along I was, filling up my bladder is not that hard.

It’s amazing how a few months worth of growing makes. Once again, we saw her body parts which we’ve seen the last time I went for an ultrasound: her limbs, a profile of her face, her stomach, her heart / heartbeat. But what I was incredibly happy about is seeing her face. True, ultrasound faces are not very clear but it’s the fact that we were able to see the front view of her face: eyelids, nose and mouth.

Also, this pregnancy is so much different from my first. My self-esteem is definitely taking a beating: my legs are swollen, I gained more weight, and I got way more stretch marks regardless of how much moisturizer I apply on my belly. Honestly though, I wouldn’t trade all of this for the world if at the end of all this, we get a healthy and happy baby.

We’ve also started pulling out Taylor’s old clothes to get washed and sorted. I can’t believe how much clothes a tiny person can accumulate in almost 4 years! We’ve also pulled out Taylor’s ducky suit (pictured above) to bring home baby no. 2 in. It’s the same suit Taylor wore when we took her home from the hospital. Nostalgia’s hitting hard these past few days as we start to get everything ready.

Taylor is almost 4, and will be a big sister soon.

This is all so exciting!


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I still have about 6 or 7 weeks before I go on maternity leave and I’m already counting the days. I’m counting the days to when I can finally hold this little nugget in my arms.

We can tell that her personality is very different from her sister’s. The other day, Andrew and I were trying to get a video of her moving in my belly. She would be all over the place whenever I’m watching TV or reading, but the second I put my camera out to take a video SHE STOPS MOVING. Unlike Taylor who still kept on moving so we were able to get a video of her. It’s frustrating at times but then I end up realizing that no two kids are the same, even if they are related.

The stretch marks are multiplying and becoming more prominent too. But you know what, I’ll take it all if at the end of it we get a healthy little baby to hold.


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PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 28 – Current Pregnancy Favorites


For my pregnancy update this time, I am bringing you my current pregnancy favourites.I never imagined I would end up having preferences on my second pregnancy because I din’t with my first. No, I am not including food items. I am currently at 28 weeks—hello 3rd trimester!—and in a few months I will hopefully be giving birth to healthy little baby girl.

Here are the things helping me throughout this pregnancy:


  • Bella Band – I purchased this earlier on in my pregnancy when I was starting to feel uncomfortable with buttoning my jeans. These are great for when you’re too small yet for maternity pants, but too big for your jeans / current pants. I have now transitioned to yoga pants but once in a while I switch it up as I’m still able to fit my jeans.
  • Yoga pants – Maternity pants are expensive. Even maternity leggings are expensive especially if you’re only using them for 3 or 4 months. The next best thing? Yoga pants! I have three yoga pants: one I wear exclusively at work, the other two I wear everywhere else. The great thing about them is you can get them cheap. I bought one from Walmart which costed me about $20 CAD. The other two we got from Costco which didn’t cost very much a pair either.
  • Body Lotion / Body Butter – Oh the joys of having your 2nd and 3rd trimester during the fall and winter. That combination of dry skin and cold weather. I don’t remember having the need to constantly moisturize my belly during my first pregnancy. Then again, my first sat closer to my back. This time around though, the total opposite. She’s sitting more up front which meant I showed earlier and faster. I realized I needed to moisturize more when the area close to my belly button started itching. I never experienced any itchiness during my first pregnancy so I made sure I had enough cream to lather on my belly. I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Body Butters. I love how it melts like butter on your skin regardless of how thick it feels. It’s also especially moisturizing. I put it on after I shower in the afternoon / evening and my belly still feels wonderful the next day. These Body Butters comes in a variety of scents for you to choose from.

There you have it. Those are the items I am loving for my current pregnancy. What about you? What are the things, or products, you enjoyed (or enjoying) the most during your pregnancy?

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